Thursday, February 15, 2007

Nice Wiki....

There has been a lot of talk about my video these days, video is a powerful media. I got an email asking HOW I embedded it right into the site--I thought others might have the same question...what a great topic to blog about---I am really digging this blogging thing.

My first thought for hosting was to put it on my own domain but I also wanted to follow the old practice what you preach philosophy so I decided to use a free video host service. the cool thing about youtube or googlevideo, or odeo, or any free video hosting site IS the ability to embed--when you post a video it gives you 2 things--a url to link to and and embed code that you can use to embed--in a blog, wiki, or whatever page takes embedded video.

I guess I got a lot of bang for my buck on youtube because with the tags flat world web2.0 and education a lot of folks have found it. I like that you can also set your videos to be public or private, you can set it so people can comment on it or not, you can allow people to rate it AND you can set it so it either can or can not be embedded by others. am actually being blogged about :) My
same video has actually been embedded and commented on in 2 other blogs ( and

The elementary school where I worked prior to my coaching job actually was hosting their weekly news on youtube now using eyespot ( which I am just learning about. It takes a while to load, but nice because on youtube there is a little image at the bottom that if you click on it brings you to youtube. Although it USUALLY jumps to a page with like videos that is not always the case. Eyespot as far as I can see, does not do that--but like I said I am just learning, but check out RobTV to seewhat these elementary school students are doing with the help of their very talented librarian. They have a really nice disclaimer as well.

TO EMBED IN A WIKI or whatever--as long as there is an "embed media" icon in the editing toolbar--you can add whatever video has embed text--in wikispaces, the embed media button looks like a tv--you click on it and when the pop up opens--you copy the text from the embed area of youtube (or whatever service you are using) right into the pop up box.

oh heck--if you are using wikispaces, the directions pop up IN the box and are much easier to follow
Add your favorite media clips and applications to your Wikispace in three easy steps:

  1. Go to your favorite video clip, podcast, or embedded application. Anything from Google Calendar to Odeo to YouTube!
  2. Find the HTML code to paste into your site. This will be found in a text box labeled "Embed", "Embed HTML", "Add to My Site/Blog", or similar.
  3. Paste in the HTML below and click "Preview" to see how it will look. When you save your changes by clicking the "Save" button, your media clip or application will appear in your Wikispaces page.
As Ken Rodoff a fellow CFTF coach and Keystone so eloquently put it "all wikis can blog--but not all blogs can wiki"--to which I reply---either one is better when embedded--hee hee hee--there you go Ken--your blog is out there now you TOO are committed.
GOOD LUCK to all of you and hey, send me the link to your first embedded wiki / blog media--Maybe I'll blog about YOU :-)

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  1. Eyespot is great!
    For several reasons--
    when you embed it, no icon that brings the viewer back to sometimes inappropriate spots (I am an elementary librarian--bear this in mind.
    Also, it has a Windows Moviemaker type editing tool so you can upload your movie splices right on the site.
    Also it has free music to download to go with your video.
    Last, you can remix any video on the site.