Thursday, April 22, 2010

And the research says...

Today is going to be a really fun day for me. Today is the day that Andrew presents his final project based on the research he was doing and the request that he shared, What do you see as the Future of education, last month on my blog. Thanks go to my local friends Jimbo Lamb, Jim Gates and Chris Champion for sharing some of their experiences. I was humbled by the number of folks in my network: Sylvia Martinez, , Liz Kolb, Doug Johnson, Steve Hargadon who took time to reach out and share information with Andrew. He got a video and note from Dorothy in New Zealand demonstrating how far information can reach. Andrew really took the ball and ran with it, contacting these educators and corresponding with them in a very professional way. He initiated a visit to SLA where he had the opportunity to see Chris Lehmann's high school in action. The work he did was phenomenal and I can't wait to see his presentation.
Here are his slides as a teaser...but if you would like to see it for yourself...

Andrew has asked me if I would be willing to stream his presentation and run the backchannel.

So today, starting at approximate 11:10 EDT he will be broadcasting on The Connected Classroom on Livestream. Please come join us and show his classmates how truly connected we all are.

Time in King of Prusia