Saturday, February 17, 2007

Apparently I am VIRAL....

I don't know if anyone has read Karl Fisch's recent post about how his Did You Know slides have gone viral...but I feel like I have scratched the surface and the infection is growing inside me more each day as I wake and think about my future in public education.

My version of Karl's thoughts is appearing all over. Interestingly, I have found quite a few Canadian bloggers' sites (all in French) here and here and here even here and who knows where else :P Although unfortunately I had a minor in Spanish Bable Fish has allowed me to follow what people are saying about the state of teaching, learning and today's world.

Although most of the sites I discovered state me as a source--I was a little taken a back when I linked to one that had not only taken off the direct link to my YouTube video, but had made comments to it using Mojiti (video annotation service) in essence changing the work----or had he?

When I looked at what he BEAUTIFUL was the story of a father....and what he wants for his children.....
Roughly translated..... the annotations read as follows...
I try to be a catalyst of the passage of the school of yesterday towards that of tomorrow
And this (of the photo of a factory job) since a few years already!
Where the chalk will not be a privileged tool.
From there the importance of competences...
VS knowledge
The dad in me asks it to you... PLEASE!
A whole heartfelt cry, not?

My comments to his posting (in French of course:)
As a mother of 3 and a public school teacher in the state of Pennsylvania, you can see why I created that video, no---although US centric as pointed out in other comments I have received, this is a GLOBAL issue. I realize as I see my video embedded in sites around the world. We can NOT finish the discussion OR change the subject. We need to stand up as parents and educators. Globally we must do what is best for our children and their world.

We are in a more powerful place than I can even wrap my head around.....


  1. Kristin,
    I like the "who cares whether he copied the information because it is for the greater good" slant. I think one thing about this whole open source web 2.0 world is that it is accessible to everyone - to people across the world or just across that Saint's river.

  2. "A whole heartfelt cry, not?"

    Yes it is. I see their world changing, I make my possible then to give them the best possible tools for living in it.

    One of these tools is to keep trace of your beautiful video.

    Thank you very much for your work and for comment my blog.

  3. Kristin, I wonder what the response would be if you took that YouTube video on the road--to PSLA (librarians really need to see it) or KSRA (many teachers do not feel that reading on a computer screen is actually reading--and that is all the reading many of our students get each day after school). Very interesting and thought provoking. And-- I think very important.

  4. Even if my name is Irish, I'm a french canadian, born and raise! So I'll do my best to express myself in English. I was very suprise (and very happy) to get a comment from you. The video that you made was so good that I couldn't do otherwise than to publish it on my blog. As a teacher, and mentor we have to work hard to show the good of the technology in Education. Your now a link in my blogline. I will continu to read your tought with a high interest.