Monday, February 26, 2007

Newspaper 2.0

I admit it, I do NOT read the newspaper. It could be that I can't sit still long enough to do so...It could be that I start an article....only to be distracted by something else when I turn the page to finish that article. I have the same problem with magazines...Books are linear, I can do books, but magazines and newspapers I have never been able to do....until the internet.
I LOVE my bloglines. I can read and link, read then link, if I want to find out more, all I need to do is works for my attention problems. I like getting my news via RSS. I start an article, I CLICK to read more and there is nothing to distract me in between...News 2.0

We get the newspaper delivered at my husband reads it daily. He likes being able to sit down with is coffee and turn through the pages, different strokes for different folks.....

I guess there are a lot more folks like me because This Sunday, I noticed on the back of the sports page that our newspaper has an EXPRESS section. All of the news in one page, visual with directions on where to go if you want to find out more. Under ON PAGE ONE, it shows the 4 stories that appear on page 1--just a summary. Want to know what is happening in the NATION & WORLD? There it is--title, one sentence, and where to go to find out more. There is the entire newspaper all layed out in this 2 page spread, short little blurbs with where to go to find out more. All it is missing are the hyperlinks :)

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