Saturday, February 10, 2007

Creating thoughtful learners

I guess now that I have been blogged ABOUT...and linked to it is time to resurrect my own blog. I think what I struggle with most in blogging is having to perfect my thinking before making it public--but when asking kids to take the risk, I should do the same.

This coming Tuesday--I will be presenting at PETE & C on the topic of "The Connected Classroom". So that I could embed a video into my wikispace I uploaded it to YouTube.
Now, I use wikis all the time, have blogged time to time, but never really had an "audience" so I was surprised when the day after posting I had a comment about my video. Not only did I have a comment, but it was a comment from Vicki Davis whose Flat Classroom project with Julie Lindsay I have followed. Needless to say the world really is flat. It was interesting to see my work embedded in the context of someone else's blog--to see their thoughts and the related comments and to really reflect on the content of what I created....It caused me to think about the content of my presentation and what points I really wanted to make.... It got me to think about what we want our kids to do, to become creators of information, and reflect on what they have created so that they are prepared for their 21st Century world.

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  1. Kristin,
    Your video is excellent - an extension of Karl Fisch's work and just as powerful as his. Thank you for contributing your skills so that we can all benefit.