Friday, February 01, 2008

Jott also has the ability...

Jott also has the ability to connect other accounts like Twitter or Google calendars to easily post to those accounts or set up reminders. Although blogger(?) also has a plug in. I don't know that I will use it that often because my inability to speak, my thoughts linearly and concisely, but I'm sure I'm going to find myself with a very full inbox and a lot more blog post on the web. listen

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ADDED LATER...Jott has only a 30 second time limit which is why this post was broken into 3 sections. It does enableyou to set up folders...I think my strategy will be to Jott 1 paragraph / thought at a time to a folder. When I get to my computer, I use my flock browser and drag & drop the individual jott paragraphs to a new post. Yes, multiple steps, but still very cool and will provide me a way to get "text" from my thinking time during my daily commute

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