Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Building School 2.0

I was lucky to get to have more conversation with the folks from SLA. Not only are they tackling the tough questions they are taking it on the road...modeling best practice by having CONVERSATIONS about change, rather than just giving a prescription to follow.
Marcie Hull who wears many hats at SLA reflected on the session but here are the notes from the day that we took during their presentation.

Zac Chase made an interesting point...
Aside from blocking the server, these are 20th Century problems. Replace server with "texts," "discoveries," "evolution," etc. and you've jumped in the Way-back Machine.
He made a challenge to his readers and I am going to make the same to mine...read through the list of challenges in our live notes and pick ONE...the one that would really make a difference in your school....start to draft a solution....and post it here.
Perhaps together we could draft a vision that would make change happen.

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