Saturday, January 24, 2009

Embracing Writing with Bud the Teacher...
I must say I am sorry that I didn't catch this session from the beginning. It looks like Bud gave the folks in the room some quotes about writing to think about and write about and then spent some time reading and talking about it. At the end of the session time was given to write, so I am going to take advantage of that time and I am going to hit the publish button when I am done. You can feel free to leave me feedback.

One of the biggest problems I have with writing is that it really forces me to reflect on my thinking. All through school I spent a good amount of time writing to record information, but not necessarily writing to record my thoughts about that information. I saw it as important to get down the knowledge but not to think about it once I was done. In talking to Bud at the end of the session he stated something that I believe to be true as well. Writing is inquiry and I think I put a lot of pressure myself to keep up with everything....all that I am reading and thinking in my administrative certification program, all I see on twitter that strike deep thoughts, all the things I read online and comment to but want to thing about deeper. I think about it, I ask questions and yet I struggle so much to get these thoughts down, because I am afraid I am going to miss something in the process. I feel like my writing needs to be DONE before I publish. I need to start focusing on writing as a process in order to continue the conversation.


  1. "Writing is inquiry" -- yes, that is it, and so we need to make sure our students have the skills and creativity and ability to use writing to deepen their knowledge.
    I was a bit put off when you started the sentence "One of my biggest problems ..." but I liked the strand of thoughts that followed.

  2. Kevin...ah yes...
    I guess I was saying that writing forces me to reflect and as a result sometimes I resist doing it...not that I think that is a problem per se, but it is what hangs me up...