Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The age of Citizen Journalism has arrived

is a historic day in the United States of America...a country built on it's diversity. Gone are the days were we must depend on mass media for news about what is happening around the world. Today tools such as ustream and cover it live give people the opportunity to take part in Tuesday’s events in Washington D.C. in ways never before possible. Wes Fryer pointed me to The “Voices Without Votes” project live inauguration coverage via CoverItLive which begins at 10 am EST.

Citizen journalists can submit media to CNN’s iReport website which provides an interactive map with geo-tagged photographs for the inauguration events today. If you are among the 3-5 million estimated folks lucky enough to attend in person, you can email your photos and videos to ireport@cnn.com and they may appear linked on the official CNN iReport website.

I encourage you today to use the tags obama, inauguration09 to look at the news from different perspectives, not just what you see on the major network. I recently blogged about a student journalist project http://shsinaugurationproject.blogspot.com/ but was AMAZED this morning when I tuned in at what I saw--background on inauguration day, the oath of office in other languages, student perspective interviews on their first election...and up and coming...LIVE from the mall

Just think...these tools didn't even exist 4 years ago...AMAZING
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