Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What would you tell the candidates...

Would you like the chance to tell Barack Obama and John McCain your thoughts about how to improve American education?'s your chance...
Teacher's First a non profit service offering a huge collection of online resources for educators at all levels is conducting a survey to ask teachers to prioritize the following list of issues in education. Top on the list... assuring equal access to adequate facilities, equipment, and materials followed by findingalternatives to standardized testing; encouraging greater parent involvement; strengthening teacher preparation; improving physical safety; emphasizing math, science, and information literacy; strengthening early learning and pre-K programs; improving access to technology; finding ways to reward good teaching; funding universal after-school programs; involving the business community; and extending the school day and year.

Check out this Market Watch article then take the survey and look at the full results

What would YOU tell the candidates about the state of American education if you could?

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