Saturday, July 07, 2007

K-12 Online Conference Presenters Announced

The official list of the 2007 K-12 Online Conference presenters and their presentation titles has been announced! There are 36 presentations (9 per strand--Classroom 2.0, New tools, Professional Learning Networks, Obstacles to Opportunites) in addition to the previously announced keynote presentations in each strand, and a pre-conference keynote by David Warlick, totalling 41 presentations. I was excited to see so MANY from my Blogroll presenting:

Classroom 2.0

Anne Davis (Araphahoe HS)
“Putting the Pedagogy into the Tools”
Dean Shareski (Ideas & Thoughts)
“Design matters”
Jeff Utecht (The Thinking Stick)
“Sustained Blogging in the Classroom”

New Tools

Anne Davis
“Learn to Blog : Blog to Learn”
Kurt Paccio and James Gates ( Tech Ruminations & Tip Line)
“The Electric Slide! Twenty-First Century Style”

Professional Learning Networks:

Jen Wagner, Cheryl Oakes, Vicki Davis, Sharon Peters (Technospud, Cool Cat Teacher )
“Webcasting for Educators: Expanding the Conversation”
Jeff Utecht
“Online Professional Development”

Obstacles to Opportunities
Lisa Durff
“Pushing the Envelope or How to Integrate Web 2.0 Tools on a Shoestring”
The conference will consist of both live, interactive/synchronous, and asynchronous events.
-8-12 October 2007 Pre-Conference
-15-19 October 2007 Week 1 (Strands 1 and 2)
-22-26 October 2007 Week 2 (Strands 3 and 4)
-27 October 2007 When Night Falls

I highly recommend you add this to your calendar and join in this amazing educational experience which begins October 8, 2007!

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