Thursday, May 10, 2007

When students become the teachers

Today on the wiki....

gigiw writes:
sp5 students-question
Why is Puerto Rico not considered a Caribbean country on the countries list while Jamaica and the Bahamas are?
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marthalsp5 writes: re: sp5 students-question
I do believe it's because Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of America and is not technically it's own independent country.
Posted Today 1:45 pm -
talsp5 writes: re: sp5 students-question
Technically it's not an indpendent country (since our government has pretty much infiltrated theirs). It's a Caribbean state, but not a country.
Posted Today 1:46 pm -
tonymsp5 writes: re: sp5 students-question
According to the facts Puerto Rico is a common wealth of the United States of America therefor it cannot be a Latin American country! (:
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vannamsp5 writes: re: sp5 students-question
Puerto Rico is partially part of the United State because of their currency. It's not a independent country.
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brittanyrsp5 writes: re: sp5 students-question
Martha, this is true, but the bahamas are too, if I am remembering correctly, and despite that it is U.S. territory Puerto Rico has its own history and culture, which greatly differs from that of the United States. I stand by that they should be inlcuded in this list

By the way sp5= spanish 5 Seniors answering the freshman questions (and debating what they spent the last 5 years learning. Evaluating, judging, defending....all higher level skills....NONE of this coming from the teacher....just students hungry for the answers

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