Tuesday, May 15, 2007

To click or not to click....

As more schools move to 1:1, I am curious if anyone has found a "clicker like" system that students can log in from their lap-tops and teachers get the results. It seems silly when kids already have laptops in their hands, that you should have to put ANOTHER tool in their hands just so kids can click in...
I was catching up in my bloglines and back in April, Christian wrote in the think:lab about some Clicker-like tools--there were quite a few more mentioned in the comments. I finally got a chance to check some of them out.
Qwizdom : Needs a clicker
2Know: Needs a clicker
CPS: Needs a clicker
GRRRR...So far a clicker system built into the laptop doesn't seem to exist, maybe I am giving away MY million dollar idea....Any developers out there want to work with me:)

In the meantime, give me your take on any of these solutions:


  1. Kristin,

    This very topic was kicked around the CFF coaches listserv a while back.

    I sure wish that I was a programmer. Every high school student, it seems, already has a CPS remote right in their front pocket. I would write a web-based program that would receive text messages from my student's cell phones in response to the lesson at hand. (Note: school policies on cell phones may vary!) Any programmer's out there???

    For now there exists an open source project that allows for student participation in a laptop environment. I've not tried the software myself. The project is called ETH Communicator...

    Here's what the site says, "Online-assessments can be constructed from questions of various types (e.g., multiple choice quizzes, item rating, item matching, lickert-scale, free text). The student answers are processed automatically whenever possible and a result summary is made available to the instructor.

    Students can ask content-related questions. Fellow students may then rate such questions (i.e., to indicate if they are also interested in the question or not). The instructor sees the student questions in order of priority and can first answer those that interest a high number of students."

    Read more here: http://lectcomm.sourceforge.net/index.html

    Also, there used to be commercial software from ETS called Discourse that would do this. I just can't seem to find it.


  2. Kristin - I use the TurningPoint "clicker" system, and they have a product called vPad

    I also have a slate from InterWrite, and I know they make a product called Virtual PRS (Personal Response System)

    It looks like you can download the software and try it for free as long as you grab it before July 07.
    Kevin Conner
    AIU 3