Monday, March 05, 2007

The difference between natives & immigrants

GAH--I love those bloggers who take such good notes that you almost feel like you've been somewhere...
While I find it hard to keep up with the number of Blog entries that Wesley Fryer has a day, the content of what he writes is always so amazing. Recently he wrote about Marco Torres' Keynote speech at MACE entitled Now What do we do with IT.
Some highlights for me (and I wasn't even there :P )

While Tech plans really reflect big differences in how kids and adults see technology
- adults see technology as a tool for RETRIEVING information
- kids see technology very differently than adults do
one uses technology, one does technology

I witnessed this first hand this weekend. We had gotten my 7 year old Nintendo DS for his birthday--within MINUTES of having it, (while I was still reading the directions) he had figured out how to pictochat his buddy...

Kids see technology as a studio, stage, and a community
Schools see it as a productivity tool

Case in point...the ongoing conversation about using PowerPoint

Wesley's notes also included an activity to have people name three events in history that have had a major impact on one's life

Always in the top 10....
– atomic bomb
- JFK assassination
- moon landing
- challenger accident
- berlin wall
- 9-11
Noting that no matter how many times this is done, no one ever writes down something they have read: It is always something they’ve seen or heard

anyhow...check out Marco's websites:

and while you are at it, subscribe to Wesley Fryer's Blog:

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