Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ten Ideas 4 Using Tech in the Science Classroom

Patty Duncan
Ten Ideas 4 Using Tech in the Science Classroom

All resources are on this webpage
Several new site for me Lab Out loud-podcast site by nsta
Great content for classrooms
Pete's Power Point Station
Good place to start - take as a base.

Patty has a great list of interactive sites

http://www.epa.gov/kids/ GREAT ideas for using the water cycle...interactive, labs, make pamphlets...

Great idea flickr images for Data collection- creating groups
Voicthread....DE Streaming video put into a voice thread that the kids comment on FUN first grade.

Here is Patty's class wikispace with examples of student work

Once again Evernote has come up - I MUST investigate this further

Clusty clustered search engine! We NEED to share this with our teachers!

One more thing to chck out- SHARE TABS
sharetabs.com/7ey aggregates sites that you want kids to use visually

all linked on Patty's site from the top!
WOW...this is why I come to this conference

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