Monday, March 16, 2009

It's PSSA Week...

Check out this 2 part video / article investigation of Professionals who took the PSSA

Passing the PSSA PART1

Passing the PSSA PART2

I'm just sayin' :)
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  1. Anonymous10:42 PM

    Thanks for sharing the links Kristen!

  2. As I discussed with my students yesterday, PSSA is not a great measure, especially in Math. Unfortunately, students do not know how to use math outside of math class and all the relevant, real world exclamations from professionals is not making any difference or change. How unfortunate as my kids are great in math but I have to explain the real world relevance of it. I am sure I could not be basic in the Math text and I am a math geek (okay, really science but I am a geek nonetheless.)

    As a parent of teenagers and a teacher who has missed 5 periods with my Juniors so far, it is frustrating and a poor measure.

  3. I'm not sure what you were hoping we would glean from those video clips, but one thing is for sure:

    English teachers rule!

    Or is that 'rool'?

    Words be so tough.

  4. I am just saying like Louise expressed there is a difference between passing a test and being able to apply learned skills. I keep wondering how these successful adults WOULD HAVE performed had they had the PSSAs back in the day. Would the engineer have been as successful if he took a test that called him basic in math? You see what I am saying? We set kids up for failure by teaching them to use calculators to solve complicated save them to apply to similar situations...critical problem solving-only to TAKE these tools away from them when they take the test. Perhaps the skills learned and tested in English have more relevance in real world. Who knows, all I am saying is I am glad someone in mainstream media wasn't afraid to call folks out on it!