Monday, February 09, 2009

Google Earth Globe

Didn't open a coveritlive for this session...since I have my laptop set for my session at 3:45 but wanted to be sure to capture some notes and ideas
All italics are my thoughts and ideas...please excuse choppy wording

Will have all kinds of examples on the site

Google earth has layers to study transportation and demographics
Can link video, audio, images and websites including blabberize and glogster
Great for differentiated instruction

Can create a builder in Discovery education and put link into description box--need to spend some time learning this...would be great PD for summer

Centers in the the writing center they have to write a letter to King George -student turned it into a photo story upload to TeacherTube and then embed HTML code into the placemark

Uses different colors for different paths...Safari live Montage, Discovery Educator

Now Traci Sharing her tours that she has created using glosters...
Examples on the about engagement!

Kids listen to a video introduction (blabberize) activities built in Discovery Streaming

I get that google earth is a huge bandwidth hog.. but listening to Adam talk about what is students are doing is AMAZING...tour of soccer stadiums around the world

Now sharing how he uses Nettrekker and embeds the read aloud right into his google earth tour

Do the images and eyewitness accounts tell the same story
GREAT link for Boston massacre to check out

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