Monday, November 03, 2008

Making the top 10...and a new Challenge

I made ISTE's list of TOP TEN BLOGS for the month of October. Hard to believe considering the company I am in on this list. Needless to say I am both floored and flattered~ Since I am so far behind in my "subscriptions" folder in my email...I heard about this on Brian McKee's TRT Blog and was able to search through my ISTE Sig Newsletters to find the link. I wanted to publicly thank Brian not only for spreading the word, but emailing me to to help me find the link. I also wanted to the blogs with whom I shared the honor in October. You may be familiar with some of them... but there were a few (including Brian's) that I know I will be paying attention to!

Top 10 Ed Tech Blogs for October 2008

ENJOY!!! I am feeling the need to take on Steve Dembo's 30 days to becoming a better blogger challenge. The next month will be crazy with the release and Google Teacher academy, but I am going to really try to keep up with this challenge!

I have updated my ABOUT PAGE by linking out to my main page, I currently use sitemeter on my site, but have never done much with the emails that I get from them. When I went back to analyze I noticed that I get the most hits on days that I actually write, probably because I ping technorati and put it out on twitter when I do.

In terms of thank yous...I really like reaching out to folks who inspire me or who are talking about things that I am passionate about. This week I found 2 blogs (outside of my echochamber) who had published an invitation to the Release of the Best Practices in Fair Use for Media Education on their blog. Since there was no place to leave comments, I sent each one the information to the Live Stream page so that they would be able follow if unable to attend. Both were appreciative and one even comment that they liked my blog :)


  1. LoL, that's fantastic! I followed the post because I was so excited for you. And truth be told, you most definitely deserve it. Funny thing is, that I had no idea I was on that list. Good company to be in :)

    Well, congrats. Glad to see you getting the recognition you deserve!

    Oh, and thrilled that you're participating in the challenge!

  2. Congrats Kristin on the list as well as GTA NY! I will see you there!

  3. Wow... we both made it! I hadn't seen it until you posted this!