Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Nurturing Understanding of a Shrinking Planet: Technology and Global Awareness


  1. Kristin-
    You are so daring to try this format. It is wonderful. I teach in a little backwater town in New Hampshire where xenophobia is a universal pastime. Thank you for leads and suggestions and strategies as I'm going to take my online Peacemaking course and use it as a twin core to do a course called Conflict Resolution.

  2. Thanks so much for your live blogging. For those of us not there, this is the next best thing.

    I work hard each year to break UScentric tendencies of most students(Americans).

    By the way, National Geographic has published a great poster that makes the point that "We are not alone." I work w/ the Florida Geographic Alliance and have a nice supply of them. I can send you a few to give to a few of your teachers.

  3. Krisitn,
    THANK YOU so much for blogging this session. Invaluable for someone who is attending from far away.
    So true, when you write that it is hard to push to every classroom if teachers do not have the awareness of multiple points of view and cultural differences within their own country let alone from countries around the world. Having grown up in three countries, with three languages and three cultures, I often see first hand misunderstandings in the making when two cultures try to communicate with each other. I know that one of them does not understand the other one because they do not know where there were coming from.