Monday, June 30, 2008

Live Blogging Jakes & Shareski The Power of Powerpoint

It was great to finally get to see David Jakes and Dean Shareski present live. I have had the opportunity to network with them but their message in how to tell a story is great.

They gave 10 tips of what to teach kids.

1- Teach them biology
2- Teach them to make it visual
3- Teach kids how to search for images
4- teach kids about creative commons

5- Teach them design
6- Teach them to sell
7- Color and font choice matters
8- Teach them to incorporate multimedia
9 - Teach students some PowerPoint secrets
10 -teach them to share

***one of my top NECC takeaways I learned about in this session Flickr storm...I am sure this is going to be something that I spend some time reflecting on

Wes Fryer and Ewan McIntosh both have better notes that I do...I especially like Ewan's title...why would you use words when they do just fine in your mouth? but here is my "live blog" in coveritlive from the session.


  1. Kristin:
    Read through the live blog after you were finished. I like the point you captured about using Slideshare to have students evaluate slideshows after reviewing the concepts. The b/ w/ and Ctrl-P shortcuts were new to me too.

  2. Anonymous8:23 PM

    Hi Kristin

    I suggest you also check out CompFight and FlickrCC. Both these tools let you search specific creative commons licenses.

  3. Kristen,

    Thank you. I missed this session (virtually) and appreciate your making it available!