Sunday, April 06, 2008

Bookmarks from Diigo Week of 04/01/2008

U.S. History - Roaring 20s

tags: roaring20s, socialstudies

A collection of "rated" sites from and taching with technology

Parade of games in PowerPoint

tags: templates, powerpoint

Series of downloadable powerpoint games for educators would be good to use with Interactive Whiteboards

30+ Mind Mapping Tools

tags: brainstorming, graphicorganizer, mindmap, resources

Mashables list of mindmapping tools

The Connected Classroom: Copyright Confusion

tags: copyright, fairuse, medialiteracy

My take on the copyright / fairuse conversation at Temple Media Lab. See Joyce Valenza's blog as well (below)
Interesting conversations to start to have about Fair Use and what we can do as educators. Keep an eye on the media lab at Temple as this project develops

NeverEndingSearch - Blog on School Library Journal

tags: fairuse, joycevalenza, medialiteracy

This is joyce's blog RE Temple Media lab discussion

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