Thursday, November 08, 2007

Lost in Translation

Lance Rougeux recently delivered the Keynote at TRETC (Three Rivers Ed Tech Conference) in Western PA. His all students are bilingual.

His presentation had tons of cool data:'s top site ranking for 2007...Guess which site is in the top 10 up 6 spots? Facebook...Great sites for connecting to kids' brains which are "plugged in" 6 1/2 hours a day (how long do they spend in school...hmmm) voicethread, moonk, and mosaickr were 3 that stood out to me....and he gave us as educators a new job....learn this 2nd language!

wnt 2 git yor students 2 relate 2 wot iz hapNn n yor claS @ skul? Try DIS..

Read Lauren Myracle Books, blogs, investigate Web2.0 tools, and participate in free PD offered by Discovery Educator Network

His whole presentation is available on the DEN Blog I know I will use some of it as I try to move folks forward

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  1. I was at that conference. He was awesome!!!! I won "Planet Earth" DVD from him for getting up and acting goofy. (I know, it comes naturally for me.)
    Heard he is presenting at PETE & C.