Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Learning Web2.0 in Bangkok and a Del.icio.us session in PA

I returned to my room at boot camp to prepare for my Del.icio.us session this past Thursday... I was still a little nervous to be using Google Presentation. I had experience learning it with Vicki Davis and crew when we created a virtual "How to" and had used it the week before but it was still very new to me. When I logged onto my computer to prepare, I saw a tweet that Kim Cofino was doing a Web2.o session in IBS. I was a bit late for the chat, but how cool to see folks from around the world participating in the chat window.

I mentioned in Kim's session that I was there to practice for my session in the am (mind you it WAS morning in Bangkok already.) and the folks in the room asked me to put a link up via twitter....so I did.
What happened over the course 2 hours was both mind blowing and flattering. It seemed like my entire blog roll popped in my 2 sessions. An amazing group of people coming to learn and try a new tool, but they provided and EXCELLENT example of a collaborative network in action. From the Southern Hemisphere Graham Wegner from Adelaide AU, Allannah K New Zealand, Carolyn Foote Stephanie Sandifer & John Pederson all popped in from TX, and Chris Harbeck from Manitoba Canada. Kim Cofino was now finishing her day in Bangkok Thailand where it was 8:22 pm Thurs and Chris Lehmann principal of Science Leadership academy in Phila PA stopped in to heckle. From IL, Vinnie Vrotny and David Jakes digital storytelling guru dropped by from which was great to point out after our AFI training. So did Darin Draper with whom I am taking a great Social Software class and Mark Wagner and Jennifer Wagner from WOW2 show on edtech talk PA Keystone Scott Snyder took time out of his day.... Chrissy from New Zealand (where it was now 2 am) shared a video from YouTube and Patrick Higgins dropped a link to his social bookmarking wiki In addition 50 people from my "actual session" were logged in..

Close to 100 people...both in the room and beyond were ENGAGED...engaged in learning. Some were learning delicious, some were setting up an account, some were learning google presentation, some were sharing resources, but ALL were engaged. And we learned a lot of valuable things..even with some great scribes in the room (thanks Jim, Lori & Dianne) google presos REALLY are better with audio. We learned that we wished you could archive google chats so I could tell you all that we learned....

and it made me realize a few things too...It made me realize how grateful I am to have such a TREMENDOUS network who are always willing to share their knowledge with others and work on ways to share new tools.

Thanks to all of you for continuing to help me grow...keep on tweeting...so we can keep learning together

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