Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What makes an issue GLOBAL: Perspectives on 9/11

Wow has it been 6 years....I remember that day vividly...my mind went back...

Then I noticed his poll...
crafty184 Twitter poll: Where were you when you found out about the twin towers? I was sleeping, woke up to work the night shift. Nightmare I thought. I replied...khokanson @crafty184 teaching had JUST gotten back from my grandmother's funeral in NYC -principal called us each out of room, hubby was supposed to be flying that dayssedro @crafty184 In Kuala Lumpur, where it was planned. Sat on couch, in shock, watching it happen. chrislehmann @crafty184 Teaching in NYC. Car alarms went off on our block when the towers were hit. Strangest day of my life. khokanson sitting in on a social studies class...they are discussing perspective in 9/11 kids in class were in elem school where were YOU 6 years ago? Kstaton I was on maternity leave. When CNN showed split screen of NYC and WASH thought it had to be a mistake, thoughts and prayers go out to all!

From Danielle Abernathy (currently in FL)
dabernethy @khokanson - I was in Bitburg AFB and we had just moved on base. That close to edge of the base I saw my first protest - not all liked us @crafty184 I was at the DO in Sumter District 2, SC. Parents at the base started pulling kids out, fear of an attack on Shaw.

From Jennifer Wagner & Mark Wagner (currently in Southern CA)
JLWagner @crafty184 -- I read the news on the Serenity Sisters webpage (a graphic arts group) and then and sat down on my couch & called my boss.

markwagner @crafty184. Principal mentioned it at a regular AM staff meeting (pacific time)... I thought the guy that told me the details was joking.

A Few PA friends Scott Snyder, Kurt Paccio and Chris Champion offered their thoughts
Thespian70 @khokanson I was teaching. I'd seen early footage during my prep period and decided to keep teaching to keep the kids focused. Chose this path since we didn't know what was going on...maintain some degree of normalcy. Not let the kids' minds wander.
kpaccio @khokanson - was in Thespian70's ACE building. Watched CNN footage of first impact. Watched 2nd impact live and THEN realized...
chrischampion @khokanson I was in our office with a coat-hanger attached to the broken antenna on a crummy TV. Our Training Director couldn't get hold of her niece. She was one of the dead it turned out. My Bro in law was teaching in Manhattan - his group of adult students worked at WTC2 and watched in horror as their office fell to the ground with the twin towers...much more to the story he shared with me later on (in skype)

Jennifer Jones (Seattle, WA) offered this thought...
injenuity Someone needs to archive the 9/11 Twitter commentary and turn it into art.

My thoughts ran deeper...
The incident itself and the War that ensued as a result has had an impact on cultural bias, economics and world wealth, security and travel, view points on different governments...

9/11 had a personal impact on many of my "connections" around the world.
Personal impacts of global issues...

None of us saw the event the same way, because we were all connected in different ways to the event. Our perception had to do with our own personal connection to the incident. I think that this is the same with any global issue. We are in a gas crisis here in the US, but in Kuwait, students pay pennies for their fuel as they watch the tankers leave their harbors. One of the teachers at my school wants to get his students to start to do this, to think about how global issues impact them AND we want to connect with others to see how those same issues impact kids around the world. Our project is just in it's planning stages but with the technology available we envision being able to have students connect (via video conference--Elluminate, Flashmeeting, or skype) both real time and asynchronously in order to get them to take a leap outside of their own perspectives and take a look at issues through a global lense.

Here is the original call for help on the Global Education Ning

We are looking for partners High School Teachers interested in joining our discussion AS WELL AS ideas....what are issues for you in your global world?

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  1. I was playing golf with my father just a short distance away from Shanksville, PA. We heard of an accident at the turn, and then heard of the attack as we were finishing up. I remember how scary it was listening to radio as reports came in, a real time of panic and confusion. Near Shanksville they block roads for miles putting folks through huge detours in order to stay away. I had 3 hours in a car to wonder if this was the beginning of the end.
    It felt that big.