Monday, June 25, 2007

Looking for Global Partners

One of the CFF teachers with whom I worked this past year and I spoke at the end of the year about his desire to create a "global issues" course in our HS next year. The vision is to choose some GLOBAL THEMES and have kids from around the world to have peer-peer "conversations" about them...So one of my themes for this year's NECC was to investigate global opportunities. I signed up for a session today and when I walked in and saw a room full of iMacs, I KNEW I would not be disappointed :) This session was done by some apple distinguished educators. Click HERE for the wikispace they have created.
Global Collaborative Resources
MA314 Classroom Innovations Series: Teaching and Learning in a Global Context [Workshop : Hands-on]

Julene Reed, St. Georges Independent School with Lucy Gray
Monday, 6/25/2007, 8:30am–11:30am; OMNI International A
Learn how to use technology and online resources to provide structured experiences so students deepen their understanding of the world as they explore environments outside the classroom.

They also had a handout with some great resources for finding global partners and projects.
Rock Our World
The GLOBE Project
My Wonderful World
Global SchoolNet Foundation
One World Youth Project
Jane Goodall Institute
Roots & Shoots
Global Voices
Global Learning
Kids World
Kids Around the World

I know as we sit down to plan in September we will use some of these resources. If you are interested in becoming a partner in our global issues course, please let me know...
OH and if you have any ideas about what ISSUES we should think about...should it be up to the kids...are the issues we are concerned about in the US even ISSUES in other areas of the world...the opportunities...

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  1. I love the global resources, especially the Kids Around the World one--thanks for posting them. Got your blog as a plug from Vicki Davis' blog, and Congrats on being an emerging edu-blogger. I am diving in as well at I'm an international teacher/librarian, so global is my game! I'll definitely use some of those sites next year.