Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Leading from the Middle: Keystones 09

Five years ago, I had a powerful learning experience that changed me as a person and a teacher. Today starts the 2009 Keystone Summit....I have been lucky enough to have been chosen to come back each year and work with teachers to help them understand how technology is more than a tool, but a powerful way to connect them to their students. The week long "boot camp" style of professional development builds a powerful learning community that is enhanced through their ability to communicate long beyond the week that they spend learning with and about one another.
This morning we will hear from Steve Sassman about ways to lead from the middle. I am sure this will be yet another powerful year.

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  1. "...technology is more than a tool, but a powerful way to connect them to their students." Wow Kristin! That is the whole enchilada right there!!

  2. Anonymous9:27 PM

    I am actively practicing using technology in my classroom by communicating with parents on a weekly and sometimes daily basis; therefore, I also feel technology is more than a powerful tool. In my Masters class reading assignment, Will Richardson stated "as more people get more access to broadband connections and more powerful computers and even easier tools, this trend shows every sign of continuing to grow." I thought that statement fit into my classroom well because as time progresses, online communication is expanding. For example, I am practicing this approach using a computer program called Edline. It is a county program that most schools are following. I am able to post assignments daily, grades, favorite links/games, and etc. It is a great took to keep parents and students informed. Lastly, I know this technology program eliminates a lot of surprises at the end of the marking period.