Wednesday, February 02, 2011

It's a LIE mom

Watching Groundhog Day Livestream from Punxy, PA the inner circle mentions it's Phil's 125th BDA10yo says "no way, 125 years..." disappears, comes back 10 min later, "it's a lie mom, I looked it up- groundhogs only live 10 years in captivity" LOL 

Funny that when my 10 year old hears something he questions on TV or in conversation, his first thought is to go "look it up". He is curious, creative and knows how to seek out information.  He thinks deep and is a great problem solver. 

It is unfortunate though that he is good at "school" too.   in school he is learning that in order to succeed, he needs to know what's "in the book" and nothing more.  When he does dig deeper he has found that his answers are counted as the "wrong answer"

Where is the disconnect? and how as educators do we fix it in our current system of recall & standardized testing?

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